Tuesday, September 28, 2010

You're About to Have a Heart Attack!

Come one, come all! See the amazing Heart Attack Cookie!


Two chocolate-chip-stuffed cookies sandwiching chocolate fudge!

Here's some perspective

Okay, so I have decided that I am going to sell my Heart Attack Cookies because everyone who has ever heard of or seen them Ooh's and Ahh's at them. They are deeeeliciously huge and scrumptious!

One batch consists of 6 large and in-charge cookies! The reason a batch only contains 6 cookies is because to put it simply... they are MASSIVE! Usually one cannot be consumed in one sitting... and if it is, well, the person doing the consuming might prove the cookie's name to be true! Keep in mind that each cookie is actually two cookies since it is in "sandwich form". For one batch of six big, delicious cookies, I charge $30 + shipping and handling. This is a small amount considering the amount of ingredients that go into one batch, the size of the cookies, and how much one pastry from a place such as Starbucks would cost.

If you want to place an order, please e-mail me at Brittany.Engebretsen@gmail.com with the number of batches you would like and the address to which you would like your cookies shipped.


  1. These are the best cookies ever. Ever.

    I brought one to work one day to have at lunch, and the guy sitting next to me said "I'm jealous", and after the guy across from me said that Brittany (I told them she made the cookies) was a keeper. I agreed, but I didn't share.

    I can provide anyone with an alphabetical list of the superlatives associated with these cookies. But to keep it short, they really are the best cookies you will ever have in your life. I would be happy with no other desserts ever if I could have these instead.

  2. ok you've convinced me! I'm coming to visit New York! And there better be a plate of these cookies fresh out of the oven when I arrive!! =)

  3. @Travis Glad you enjoy them, honey. =] LOL! That was a big enough cookie- you COULD have shared a LITTLE! ;] You are too sweet. You are sweeter than the cookies! ;] But back off, ladies! He is MY sweet stuff! You will all have to settle for these cookies (apparently the next best thing! LOL).

    @Erica My dear, if you came to visit me in New York, you KNOW I would have a fresh batch of these cookies for you. Chick flicks, giant cookies, and our comfiest sweats... does that not sound like BLISS?!