Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Day in the Life of a Housewife

Well, today was productive. There are some days where I am reeeeeaaaally disappointed in myself. Today was not one of those days! Hooray! Want to hear all of the things I did today?! No!? Too bad- sit down and let me go!

Already Done:

1) I did some much needed grocery shopping.
2) I ironed some more of Travis's dress shirts.
3) I took Trav's sport coat and suit to the dry cleaner's.
4) I got on the treadmill and did crunches... (not ON the treadmill... I did walking and running on the treadmill... but then... maybe I should have made this a separate point...)
5) I did crunches.
6) I had our neighbors over to see the sugar gliders.
7) I cleaned the kitchen- this was meant to just involve dishes, but I decided to do an impromptu "Swiffering" and "409ing"... oh yeah... I'm that good.
8) I actually got myself "prettied up". Yay pretty!
9) I got gas. =D I will let you decide...

Going to do:

1) I am going to finish the laundry.
2) I am going to make the bed.
3) I am going to make a batch of cookies.
4) I am going to Swiffer the bathroom.
5) I am going to do my Beth Moore homework.
6) I am going to clean the babies' cage.
7) I am going to clean out the cars.
8) I am going to finish some paperwork.
9) I am going to figure out some airplane ticket stuff.
10) I am going to cut Trav's hair.

Voila! Now wasn't that fun? Don't answer that. Ciao, homies!

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