Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I like when I "have" to cook dinner for you.

I like when, like clockwork, each day I must go around picking up socks that cannot seem to make their way into the laundry basket- they may make it to the EDGE of the basket, but somehow they simply CANNOT fall into the actual basket.

I like the fact that every single morning when you are done gelling your hair, you leave the gel out and I have to put it away...every. single. day.

I like that I have to make the bed all by myself when you go because you are rushing out to catch the train. I do it just to make sure that it looks nice, tidy, and inviting for when you get home.

I like that each morning I iron your shirt even though you claim that it looks fine. You are SUCH a man; those shirts are NOT fine without being ironed! :)

I like that after a weekend of having you home, I suddenly notice how messy the condo has gotten because neither of us have taken our eyes and arms off of each other long enough to see how messy it became in two days.

I like that you insist we play tennis on a nice, sunny day- thanks for dragging me out. I always enjoy it once we are playing.

I love that you ask me EVERY morning if your hair looks good enough. Thanks for trusting my opinion so much.

I love that yesterday you almost wore the most wrinkly pants of all time, and I had to stop you. Once again, you are SUCH a guy.

I love that you sing constantly when you are home and that I can bust into harmony with you at any time. You and I make beautiful music together. ;)

I love that I am constantly putting your dishes in the dishwasher (even though I nag you to clean up after yourself). ;)

I love your obsession with Fig Newtons.

I love that you secretly love cartoons as much as I do.

I love that I know that as much as I am missing you right now, you are missing me just as much.

Love you, Trav. Can't wait to see you on Friday. <3


  1. Awww.... :)
    #6 is the best :)

  2. Awwww that is so sweet :)

  3. I don't know what to say. I am speechless.

  4. @Alyssa Thanks, girlie! I'm sure you know just how I feel. =]

    @Mom Speechless because you cannot believe I actually ENJOY these things? ;] LOL!

    @Dad Thanks! =] Glad you enjoyed it!

  5. You know the great thing? I love it when you do all those things too!

    But seriously-- you are very sweet. Thank you, honey.

    I love you! Can't wait to see you in only three days!

  6. =] I am glad you appreciate my hard work! I appreciate you for all that you do as well! You are sweet, too, love. You're welcome. I can't wait to see you either! I will have cookies waiting! <3

  7. awwww. you two are too freaking adorable. Sissy, you are such an amazing wife to him! You take good care of my bro. :) and yes, #6 was soo cute! also, #10. :) i loved being in ya'lls condo!

  8. Sis, you single-handedly just made my night. =] Thank you for the sweetest comment ever! We enjoyed having you at our condo. Fun times for sure! Love you!

  9. Awww yay. im glad I did, :) i love you soo much :D