Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

Hey there, everyone!  I just wanted to take a quick break from my regularly scheduled labor and delivery story to write a post about my first, official baby-out-of-the-womb Mother's Day!  I say that because obviously, last Mother's Day (2011), T.J. was "here" but Travis, T.J., God, and I were the only ones who knew!  (I know it is past midnight so technically it isn't Mother's Day anymore, but let's just pretend, shall we?  ;] )  Oh... do you feel that???  Do you see the smoke???  That's right!  Here comes a flashbaaaaaaaackkkkkk....

 ::voice fading in the distance::

::smoke forming over your view and clearing to reveal Mother's Day 2011::

During Mother's Day 2011, Travis and I knew I was pregnant because just two days before I had tested.  I tested a little early because I didn't want to test so close to Mother's Day, get a negative result, and have the whole day ruined for me, but I also didn't want to MISS my "first" Mother's Day by not testing.  We went to the Engebretsen's home for Mother's Day, but we wanted to tell my parents in person that we were pregnant first.  Thus, it was a "private" Mother's Day for me.

We privately rejoiced in our hearts.

Travis privately gave me a card and a gift.

We privately celebrated.

We privately exchanged knowing glances and looks.

It was wonderful regardless of the privacy.  We had a baby.  He wasn't with us yet.  We didn't know whether he was a he or a she!  We didn't know anything... only that we had been extremely blessed... and that I was a mommy on that Mother's Day.  =]

Anywho!  When it came to pictures, what were we to do?  I wanted to get my "pregnant/first" Mother's Day picture!  But how?  Well, there has been a long-standing joke in the family about Travis and I being pregnant- we always joke about it... yes, we ARE strange, thanks for asking!  Thus, it was easy!  When we were taking photos, I "jokingly" said, "Haha!  Take a pic of Travis, me, and 'Riley'!"  (Riley was a very popular baby girl name when Travis and I started dating, so that was always the name we used for our "baby".  As we did the traditional pregnancy pose, I leaned in and said to Travis right before the picture was taken, "Give a real smile!"  And voila!  We had our picture!

The funny thing is that they TOTALLY bought it!  Kristin even popped over and took a picture with me as I held her tummy as if she were pregnant!!!  awesome.

That was my technical "first" Mother's Day... but, boy, is it better when the baby is OUT!  =]

::voice, once again, fading in the distance::

::smoke, once again, forming over your view and clearing to reveal Mother's Day 2012::

Today was different.  It wasn't private.  It wasn't silent.  It. was. awesome!

I woke up to breakfast in bed. <3
I received a card from T.J. and one from Travis! <3
I received a dozen red roses. <3
We went to church where I was handed a pink rose and told "Happy Mother's Day" multiple times. <3
I stood up during the service when they honored the moms. <3
Then I was taken to Starbucks for a yummy raspberry black tea lemonade- delish! <3
I was taken to Pei Wei for lunch(Travis initially tried Longhorn, but, of course, it was PACKED to the BRIM!  Heehee!) where we got take-out.  Then I got to eat it leisurely and comfortably- honestly, that was probably better than being in noisy Longhorn stressing about the possibility of T.J. fussing!  Ha!  Plus, who doesn't love them some chicken fried rice!?  <3
Then I was taken home where I took a two-hour nap while Travis took care of our energetic little munchkin. <3
We ended the night by happily watching "The Next Food Network Star"... if you haven't seen it, you should!  <3

And the best part of Mother's Day?  Being a mother of course! 

I love my little baby bear more than anything!  He is the joy of my life, and I am unbelievably grateful to the Lord for blessing us with T.J.  The joy of being a mommy overwhelms me sometimes.  I know this sounds super corny, but sometimes when I am rocking T.J., I cannot help but snuggle him close and just cry.  I feel like my heart is overflowing... how can one heart hold that much love?  I didn't think it could until T.J. came into our lives.  How is it that just as I feel like I have reached my maximum capacity of loving that little button, he somehow makes me love him exponentially more as another second ticks by? 

Then how much more must God love us?  He has a Son... He loves his Son.  I would give my son for no one.  HE gave His Son for everyone.  When I think on that, I realized just how much I am loved by my Heavenly Father.

This has been a wonderful day filled with wonderful memories.  Happy Mother's Day to all moms and moms-to-be.  I hope your day was as blessed as mine.

"For You created my inmost being; You knit me together in my mother's womb."  -Psalm 139:13

 -Please share some of your Mother's Day memories in a comment!  What did you do this year?  Do you have a favorite memory you would like to share?  Feel free!  I would love to read about it!-


  1. sorry... no mother's day story from me :) but I just wanted to wish you a belated Happy mother's day! :) I'm glad it was such a lovely day for you! :) I bet you are a fantastic mom and TJ is one blessed kiddo :)

  2. Hahah no prob! =] Thank you so much! Awwww, thanks girlie! I hope he feels blessed. =] He has blessed us SO much!

  3. You make a nice-looking family. I'm glad you had an awesome Mother's Day.