Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lindsey Portugal Photography

While my son is in his crib staring at his mobile in awe, I thought I would get on and write a quick post about something special.  As some of you may know, I like to support artistic entrepreneurs just starting out.  One of the best ways I can do this is through advertising for them.  Whether this is by handing out their cards, bragging about how wonderful they are to friends and family, or posting on my Facebook and blog, I like to help!

Well, this particular entrepreneur is close to my heart, my sister.  Some of you may follow her blog, Portugal Ponderings (If you don't, you may want to check it out!  I follow it, so you can find it in a snap!), and if you do follow her blog, you know that she has just begun her own photography business!  It is an exciting new journey for her, and she is enjoying every minute of it!  So this is my shout out:

If you are in the Houston area or know of anyone in the Houston area looking for a photographer, check out my sister, Lindsey Portugal!  

Why?  Well, I will tell you!  You are not going to find a more creatively meticulous person in the world!  If you want perfect photos, Lindsey is your gal.  She is is one of those people that won't settle for good or even wonderful!  She wants perfection in her art (You should see her decorative cakes- sheesh!!!).  She seeks this perfection by being open to clients' ideas and suggestions as well as through professional development.  She reads photography books, researches and studies others' photography, and, most importantly, practices to scaffold her knowledge of photography and increase her skill.

Not enough to convince you?  Then check out her Facebook page "Lindsey Portugal Photography" to see her photos from the recent engagement shoot she did.  You won't be disappointed.  =]  And it would be totally groovy if you could "like" her Facebook page to show her some love and give some support to an entrepreneur just starting out.  I would dig it.  That's right... groovy... dig... I brought out the big guns.


P.S. You can leave a comment here to let me (and her) know what you think!  You know I love me some comments!  =D

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