Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sweet Savannah Travels

This past week, T.J. and I drove 6 hours to Savannah, Georgia where we met up with my parents who are from Tennessee for a quick, four-day visit.  They drove down, we drove up.  We met in the middle.  My dad was actually traveling on business, so they just invited us to tag along. 

Let me tell you something: Savannah is gorgeous!  From the rich, green squares to the quaint, eclectic coffee shops, I am excited to visit again as soon as possible.  We came at the perfect time of year, too.  Granted, the first day it was freezing to the point of borderline misery, but the next two days were great.  Even when it was overcast, there was a cool breeze and the beauty of the town shone through the gray sky.  Doesn't sound like the perfect time of year, does it?  Well, please remember that I am from Florida where the low 80s means AUTUMN IS HERE- HOORAY!  So I welcomed the low 70s weather Savannah had to offer, misty gray and all. 

The first day was cold, but we rode the trolley around and racked up some serious cuddle time with my son.  A success?  I think so!  The next day was blissful.  We walked through the lush squares with trees overhanging statues and benches.  Nothing seemed better than curling up with a good book on one of those benches and relaxing in that beautiful setting- next time we visit, we will have to set aside time for that. 

I am no photographer, but I have to say that if you live anywhere near Savannah and get engaged, want a family photo shoot, need senior portraits, or require a photo shoot of any kind, head to downtown Savannah as it is (in my very unprofessional opinion) one of the most beautiful shooting locations you can find.

Make sure when you get a chance, you visit Savannah, Georgia.  I am sure once it gets deeper into autumn, it is going to be even more alluring.  Hopefully you will find it as charming as I did!

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