Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Little Family of Three

Thought I would just take some time this morning to give an update of our lives right now (when T.J. is sleeping, I take advantage of it!).  Warning: This post will be full of "mommy bragginess", so if you don't want to have to hear all of that, please exit stage left.

T.J. is at such a cute stage right now.  He is talking up a storm, mimicking everything we say, pulling up like crazy, moving along furniture to get to things, still crawling like it is going out of style, and standing on his own for a few seconds at a time.  Will he be walking by his first birthday?  Who knows!  I believe I walked by my first birthday, but Travis was a later bloomer on that so T.J. could go either way.  The great thing is knowing that he is progressing beautifully and growing up well.  More than anything, T.J. is a social butterfly.  He waves on a visual cue or verbal cue ("bye-bye"), claps when told to and when he gets into the rhythm of the music, and occasionally will lift his hands in the air when we say, "Praise the Lord!"  =]  He smiles at people and sings with us and just generally brings joy to people all around him.  Everything about him is my "favorite", but I would like to point out a few that might bring a smile to your face:

1. He is obsessed with Travis.  Oh. my. goodness.  When Daddy walks through that door after work, I might as well be a dirty sock lying on the floor (...well... no, I take that back... he probably would be interested in a dirty sock- gross.).  He crawls over to Trav while he waits at the door.  But this isn't just any crawling- no no!!- he puts his head down so he achieves a better wind-stream as he plows toward the front door to get to his dad.  Daddy makes him laugh and smile, and... and... where is that noise coming from?  What is that higher pitch???  Who is here????  Ohhhh!  No worries, it was just the "keeper of the boobs" talking... IGNORE!

Don't worry, though.  I love every minute of being ignored when Daddy is home- I love to see their special bond.  =]

2. T.J. will now snuggle so hard!  Oh my goodness!  He will wrap his tiny arms around our necks and bury himself into us.  Of course, sometimes this involves biting.  But don't worry, after he has cried a few times, we realize we cannot bite him so hard.

Okay, okay, before you call child services, I will say that obviously he is the one biting- derrr.  We promptly stop him from that out of well... pain.

Just the other day "our song" came on Pandora- "You'll be in My Heart" by Phil Collins from Disney's Tarzan- and he just lit up and started kicking his legs.  Thus, I began dancing with him (as I often do- it is like a dance party up in here most of the time, FYI.  Yes, it is embarrassing... yes, I sense your judgement... stop... okay fine, just judge- it is kind of weird.).  When we started dancing, he just put his arms around my neck and squeezed tightly!  So. sweet.  My heart pretty much melted (which, if you consider, is actually terrifyingly gross sounding).

3. So you know how I said that T.J. will occasionally lift his hands when we say "Praise the Lord!"?  Why am I asking you?  You can't respond.

Anyway, so on Sunday, my mom, dad, and I all had him doing that throughout the day.  He got so used to it that it became second nature.  Well, at one point we were in the car and Mom was telling Lindsey about it.  T.J. was already asleep in his car seat by this point, but, I kid you not, when my mom told my sister about it on the phone and said, "We say, 'Praise the Lord!' and yadda yadda yadda...", T.J. (IN HIS SLEEP) raised his arms instantly!  I nearly died.  Too funny- we had the poor kid so trained that he literally could do it in his sleep.

All right, well I told you I would update you on "our lives", so I guess that involves Travis and me- the boring ones of the family.  I will make this short.  We are fine.

HA!  Just kidding!  I got more for ya!  We are doing very well.  Travis is still working at Morgan Stanley, and I am still a stay-at-home momma!  I just recently got back from Tennessee where I got to enjoy the lovely crisp, cool mountain air while helping my parents decorate for Christmas (and by helping them decorate, I mean keeping T.J. from eating the garland and wreaking havoc the whole time).  Travis is still singing in a barbershop quartet and chorus and has been performing in a few gigs recently.  It is so nice to know that he can still pursue his passion for singing despite being "grown up" and in the real world.  He sings beautifully, and I don't want that to go to waste!  =]  Although, as much as I love listening to him sing barbershop and Broadway songs, etc., I think the time his voice is most beautiful to me is when he is singing lullabies to our son.  Okay, okay, I know I am corny... blah blah... ::vom::, etc., but it is true!  And if you know Travis and me at all, you know that our whole life together has been extremely corny- theatrically corny.

Anywho, so things are going fine for us!  We still are a one car family as of now, and we are still living in a two bedroom condo as of now- both blessings from the Lord!  And we are still happy- a happy little family of three!  =] 

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  1. Thanks for sharing Brittany. Momma's cannot brag too much about their lil' ones. After all this is the only time he will be in this stage. Then you will find new things to brag about. See my Day 37 bragging about Megan and her piano and I also had to brag about her and William jamming together on the guitars. It never ends. Welcome to the world of motherhood.

    We still dance and sing my poor kids. Naa they love it. The grandkids love it! Father Abraham is a fun one for them.

    Lauren is coming home for the first time in over 2 months today and I cannot wait to see her! We plan to have a great Thanksgiving.

    One thing that never changes as the years go by, is not taking special moments for granted and to be thankful for each thing our Lord provides, even through the storms of life. In fact He has turned this into what just may be one of my favorite Thanksgivings of all, so far. Each one is, lol.

    Your blog started my day with a smile. Reading as you tell all about that wonderful GREAT nephew of mine was something I hope you continue to do. He is sooooo cute!

    So dear niece, to you and your family of three, I wish you the happiest Thanksgiving thus far. Each one just brings more happiness. But, staying in the moment....enjoy! You have a BEAUTIFUL family!!

    Love Always,
    Aunt Judy

    1. Thank you so much for your beautiful comment. I am sure you are psyched about Lauren coming home- 2 months is a long time!!! I am sure this will be the best Thanksgiving yet- our first one with our baby boy! =] So happy that the Lord is showing His hand in your life right now and giving you things to be thankful for despite some recent trials. His grace is immense and beyond sufficient. I hope that you, too, will find this Thanksgiving to be the best yet just as you are hoping it will be. Thank you for commenting and sharing- it is great to know what is happening in your life. Love you!!

  2. I'll buy the book when you get it printed. Love to read your post.

    1. Hahah! Yes, I should get my blog printed for everyone for Christmas LOL!!! That would be the most random gift EVER! Thanks! Love to hear you read my posts! I think that is just as fun as writing them- being on facetime listening to you cracking up. Haha! Love you, Mom! Thanks for commenting! xoxo