Sunday, March 27, 2011

Post 94: Significance of the Snapshot

And the answer is...

I have recently begun teaching art at Hudson Valley Christian Academy.  I teach the 2nd-4th graders on Monday and the PreK-1st graders on Wednesday.  (I am also teaching an after-school theatre program on Tuesdays- fun fun!)  I had the 2nd-4th graders create shamrocks in honor of Saint Patrick's Day.  We used one session to make preliminary sketches of shamrocks and form them with modeling clay.  We used the next session for painting them with green acrylic paint.  Finally, on Tuesday before teaching drama, I sprayed acrylic gloss on each of the shamrocks, making them look shiny and finished!

Therefore, since these pictures are meant to represent something going on in our lives, this one represents the fact that I have a new job teaching art.  I guess it could also represent the fact that Saint Patrick's Day was a recently occurring holiday!  Although I don't really celebrate St. Patty's Day, I did manage to put on a green shirt this morning in honor of the holiday.  Oh yeah.  Don't get too overwhelmed by my holiday spirit.  holiday.  Sorry, just wanted to say it one more time in this paragraph.

Next snapshot- can you guess the significance?


  1. Hey look! It's my granddaughter!

  2. Second childhood playing with dolls?

  3. @Mom Haha! Riley!!!

    @Travis What?!?! I don't play with dolls! You can't accuse me of that!! ...YOU KNOW NOTHING!!!!!!!! lol.

    @Lindsey That head-wrapping DOES look African doesn't it? I think it is so cute! =]